Chile 3D Campus Models Ready for Contest

Early this year, Google started a series of 3D Campus contests encouraging students at colleges to build 3D models of their campus using Google SketchUp and place them in Google Earth. But, the first contest was only for entries from the US and Canada (see the winners here). Students in other parts of the world wanted a contest too. For example, students in Germany have clamored for a contest in Europe. Google recently started a new contest for Australia and New Zealand.
Temuco Chile 3D Campus models in Google EarthNow, a student in Temuco, Chile has posted some models of campuses there. You can see San Francisco de la Universidad Católica de Temuco , and Menchaca Lira de la Universidad Católica de Temuco . They were posted here and here at the Google Earth Community by ‘visah91′. Nice work!
Who knows? If enough students start building campus models in Latin America, maybe Google will hold their next contest there. Or will European campuses go next?

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