Google Preparing Map Visualizations for Books

Google’s Michael Jones (Chief Technologist of Google Earth) gave a sneak preview presentation late last week, at the New York State Geospatial Summit, where he demonstrated some upcoming map visualizations based on books related to Google’s Book Search project. Michael has many times mentioned his fascination with maps created from books (like the collection showing places quoted in Shakespeare, or the maps showing the travels of Odysseus). According to a summary by Adena Shutzberg of Directions Magazine, Michael gave a sneak preview of technology where Google has taken public books (out of copyright) and scanned the text for location information, then created a collection of placemarks for the locations mentioned in the book. You can click on a placemark and go to the page where it was mentioned. He also demonstrated a time animation map related to books. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this project, it sounds really interesting!

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