Best of 3D Warehouse – Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon for 3D WarehouseGoogle’s 3D Warehouse is a repository for all kinds of 3D models created for use with Google SketchUp (the popular 3D modeling tool). The 3D Warehouse is also home to models which can be placed in Google Earth. Many of you know that Google has a layer under the 3D Buildings layer called the Best of 3D Warehouse. Google has just added a new “Blue Ribbon” marker to entries in the 3D Warehouse which are part of the “Best of 3D Warehouse” layer. Here’s an example of the famous Big Ben clock tower in London. Enter “Westminster, London” in the GE “Fly To” search, and turn on the “3D Buildings->Best of 3D Warehouse” layer. And here are tips for qualifying for the layer.

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