Having Fun with Google Earth and SpaceNavigator

This is the geekiest way of using a SpaceNavigator I’ve seen yet (not recommended for safe driving!):

The more technically oriented folks here will be impressed by the fact the guys in the video have developed a way to project photos taken on the fly and map them into Google Earth in real-time. But, most of us will just think this is incredibly geeky. Read more about the SpaceNavigator (now available with GE 4.1 for the Mac), and about the company behind the video – Pict-Earth – David Ralliant (who also did the geeky remote controlled plane video) did this video.

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  1. meme-atocyst says:

    If there is an airbag in that wheel. The driver is dead if it fires.

  2. Bigbewo says:

    When are we going to see google maps/earth in car navigation? Most Sat Nav devices use poor maps etc at the moment. A device using Google Maps would be a massive hit. Also being able to search directions on the web and send them to a sat nav device (like BMW Germany) would be awesome.

  3. John E Bailey says:

    This has already been done through a partnership between Google and VW. I think they demo’d the prototypes about a year ago. Some details and snapshots can be found here (or on any number of car blogs):

  4. Google’s mapping services are chock full of secrets. For a while Google Moon had a really great one.

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