Historic US Census Data 1790 and 1800 in Google Earth

Census data for 1790 in Google EarthAfter seeing the gCensus application, GEC member ‘Forkboy2′ (who recently released a Google Earth network link of many maps he has done) decided he would do some GE visualization with historical census data. He started with US census data from 1790 (7 MBytes). This file contains graphic overlays showing by county US total population, Total slave population, “white” population, “non-white” population, etc. If you hold down the CTRL key on your key board and double click on a county, it will bring up a placemark description giving you more details. He has just today released the census data for 1800 (4 MBytes) as well. It’s interesting to see most of the US population in the Boston area and Charleston. But, almost all the slaves are located near Charleston during this time period.

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  1. these links are dead now. any idea where we could find these KMZ files today?

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