Clean Underwear and Google Earth

Messy Yard in Google EarthGot a big laugh this morning out of this blog entry by Gary Turner of the UK. He muses about yet another way Google Earth is changing the way people think.

I suppose that most people will be familiar with the notion of being told by your mother to be sure that you put on clean underwear everyday when you were a kid in case something happened to you…

And so, I caught myself thinking over the weekend while attempting to find a reputable landscape gardener to come along to quote for finishing off our garden, which has lain for two months in a rather dishevelled state after our builder did some re-modelling, that we’d better hurry up and get it finished and tarted up all nicely before a satellite flies overhead and takes another photograph for Google Earth.

So, if you have a mess in your back yard – you have a new incentive to clean it up. After all, a photo of your yard may get taken by a satellite or aerial photographer and end up in Google Earth for the next five years! The photo (which you can see in Google Earth here .) is of a house in Niger, Africa.

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  1. Heh. I accidentally left my mark on Google Earth through a bit of backyard procrastination.

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