Amazing Picture of Santa Found on Earth

[NOTE: This collection was actually conceived, drawn, and originally posted by 'ear1grey' at the GEC. Valery35 (who I originally credited with the discovery) was just reposting it for fun it turns out. So, I've modified the story to give proper credit.]
Santa Picture in Google EarthLast year, one of the Google Earth Community members called ‘ear1grey’ posted an amazing discovery. He found a huge picture (36 miles tall) of Santa. He made a nifty Google Earth file for kids so they could go find the Santa by following the red nose of Rudolf the reindeer. Download this file and then turn on the “Little world” in your “Temporary Places“. Look in the nose of Rudolf for Santa.

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  1. In the future an advanced civilization will see this and go “What the…”

  2. Thats not a picture of Santa Claus. It appears to be a image of a mountain from above.

  3. wow, that is funny. where is this? im sure that some1 photoimpacted this, but if i can find it, then it hasnt been modified.

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