Wirefly X PRIZE Cup Showcases 3D Space Models for Google Earth

X PRIZE Cup 3D Space Models in Google EarthThe Wirefly X PRIZE Cup is an outdoor space exposition hosting several competitions for some major prizes (including over $2.5 Million from NASA) for space related technology. The event is being held on October 20-21, 2006 (see here for details) at the Las Cruces Airport in New Mexico. It will be a great educational event with rocket launches, NASA exhibits, jets, and more. To help promote the event I have been helping put together some space-related Google Earth content. The first part of the content (more will be released over the next few days) is a showcase of 3D Space Models for Google Earth. If you follow the link you will see over a dozen different rokets, space stations, satellites and more in 3D. The models were mostly developed by many people in the Google Earth Community forum for 3D Models.
The X PRIZE Cup is the continuation of what was started by the Ansari X PRIZE – a $10 Million prize won by Burt Rutan with Space Ship One. The whole idea behind the X PRIZE, which was conceived by my friend Peter Diamandis, is to help encourage further development of space travel – and its working!

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