Summer Students Use Google Earth, Get in Newspaper

Goffstown Placemarks by Charter Academy Students in Google EarthThis is just one example of how Google Earth can be used in the classroom and benefit the students, teachers, and the community. During the summer I noticed an article in the Goffstown, New Hampshire online newspaper the Goffstown News. The article tells the story of some summer students at the Charter Academy who used Google Earth to create placemarks about their town, visited some of the locations in person, took video of their experiences, and created a powerpoint presentation describing what they learned. I contacted the reporter, Rod Hansen by E-mail and he recently got me a copy of their Google Earth file . (By the way, their town recently got higher resolution aerial photographs.) Each placemark provides contact information, and, where possible, web site URLs. It documents businesses, churches, and schools of their town. It is not a sophisticated collection, but this is an excellent example of how Google Earth can teach students about geography and expand their horizons. And, now they are famous! :-)

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  1. Wow!!!!!, Thank you Mr. Hanson for the added help!!!!

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