Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina in Google EarthBariloche, Argentina – Once you download this Google Earth file, you need to open the folder called “Bariloche”. Contained within is a collection of multimedia content: A 3D model of a ski lift at Teleférico Cerro Otto, a Web Cam (whose position and orientation is marked in 3D), the local weather, and GIS street maps for parts of Patagonia. Bariloche also has some fairly good high-res satellite photos in GE. This information was posted by ‘Gerardo64′ at the Google Earth Community. I really like the 3D model of the ski lift and the beautiful mountain scenery. It makes me want to visit. Gerardo says: “The Top Station has the peculiarity that it spins constantly so if you stay there for a while you can complete a 360 degree view of the landscape.” Here is a Wikipedia entry on Bariloche.

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  1. llamajourney says:

    Been there. Great place. I’d go back.

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