News Roundup – Origins, Sailing, Stitcher, Pakistan Nuclear Plant

  • Origins of Google Earth – Stefan Geens at OgleEarth adds another link to comments from one of the founders of Keyhole about the origins of the application which became Google Earth.
  • Sailing Records Race in Google EarthTransatlantic Sailing Records Compared – ‘skyrover’ at the Google Earth Community gathered data from three different sailing record passages across the Atlantic (1990, 2001, and 2006) and combined the data into Google Earth. The KMZ file lets you run a virtual race between the three boats – Playstation, OrangeII, and Jet Servcies). This is an innovative approach to showing sailing data, especially with GE 4. Developed by by the folks at
  • Realviz releases a new version of Stitcher which allows you to create panorama photos and now allows you to export to KML so you can georeference them.
  • Nuclear plant in Kushab, Pakistan – Stefan puts together some satellite photos as overlays in Google Earth from a published report showing intelligence from satellite photos of this Pakistan nuclear plant. Read more here.

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