News Roundup

Will be gone backpacking for the next couple of days. So, if any news comes out, I may not report until Monday evening.

  • NOAA expands radar data for Google Earth – the National Weather Service RIDGE radar images overlayed over the satellite photos in GE are available in a number of different sizes and composites at this experimental NOAA site. US locations only.
  • How far can Hezbollah Reach” – A image created in photoshop using GE as a mapping tool was done by Kathryn Cramer last week. She got an amazing amount of press for the image.
  • Follow a Greenpeace Ship in the Bering Sea – the ship is taking note of the impact of overfishing and using GE to track and provide blog entries. This is a well done use of GE. Posted at the new Environment forum at the GEC.
  • Using Picasa/GE to Geotag Photos – This tutorial from Digital Geography shows you how to use the new feature in the Picasa 2 beta to geotag photos quickly and easily using Google Earth.
  • – an online guidebook of outdoor spots and weekend trips. This website lets you post placemarks, pictures and descriptions of your favorite outdoor places and start a thread of discussion. You use GE to create the placemarks, but a normal image map to find the locations.

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