1000 Pizzas Publicity Stunt Using Google Earth

Pizza PR stunt with Google EarthSince this publicity stunt pretty much centers around Google Earth, I just had to write about it. This morning I was reading my news feeds and came across a Googler’s (Google employee’s) blog entry about his noticing a huge number of people carrying in pizza boxes into the courtyard at the Googleplex and taking them into a tent. He then noticed employees heading out with pizza. So the Googler went out and found out it was a company providing free pizza (1000 boxes) as a special thanks (and PR stunt) to Google. The company is called Cambrian House and you can see their web site about the pizza event here. They made a movie using Google Earth to create a ridiculous illustration of a huge stack of pizzas at the Googleplex. Pretty funny (and smart too!). Click here, or on the screenshot of the video to go watch it. One thing though – they should have used Google Video for playing the video.

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