Ten Most Expensive US Homes in Google Earth

‘PhilVerney’ one of the regulars of the GEC – Google Earth Community (and a moderator) posted a collection of placemarks showing the ten most expensive homes on the US market in 2005 according to Forbes Magazine. Each placemark shows you the location of the houses in Google Earth, and many of them are in high enough resolution to see details in the satellite/aerial photos. The placemarks also contain some details about the houses, their prices, and a photo. The houses were priced at the time between US$46 Million and US $75 Million.
I’m guessing this house would be worth even more if it were ever on the market. I understand they often have lots of bunnies in the back yard.

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  1. James Laroe says:

    Very funny remark about the bunnies. I recognize that mansion. ;-)

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