Sightseeing Roundup for Google Earth

Here are a few interesting sights to see in Google Earth’s satellite photos (mostly aviation related, but one newspaper related):

  • Helicopter Rescue Training – You can see a guy hanging below this helicopter in the shadow. This one posted at the GEC by ‘KnowZee1′ last October. Google Maps view. More details at GoogleSightseeing.
  • Location of Concordes – Fans of the world’s fastest commercial airliner (now grounded) have posted the location of all 20 aircraft. See them in this Google Earth collection of placemarks.
  • Antonov AN-225 – World’s Largest Aircraft discovered by ‘Clorius’ at GEC on 19-Apr-2006, a few hours after the new data was released to GE. See details on this plane.
  • Newspaper Parking Lot – An innovative newpspaper in Amsterdam decided to decorate their parking lot to look like a newspaper when viewed from above. See translations of the headlines (funny) at GoogleSightseeing.

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  1. That newspaper parking lot is a good idea.

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