Down Under and Kiwis Get Roads in Google Maps

GoogleMapsMania reports that Google Maps got a data update last night which gives Australia and New Zealand detailed road maps. Further inspection shows that the road layer has not fully migrated to the Satellite – Hybrid view. More importantly, a quick check does NOT show detailed roads yet for Google Earth. In the past, Google has released new road data layers in Google Earth first, then Google Maps. I guess they wanted to give maps a chance this time. Hopefully, the road data will migrate to the GE database soon. Since there hasn’t been a formal announcement from Google, they probably haven’t finished deployment of the new road data layers.

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  1. That’s great. I have been using (who look like they heavily copied Google Earth) quite happily, but with Google Maps getting the data at last, I expect Google Earth to get it too, and that would be sweeeeeet

  2. Now if we just had some more satelite coverage over NZ. Come on Google!!!

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