Colored Description Bubbles in KML for Google Earth

Colored Bubble Description in Google EarthIn the new Discovery Channel National Parks placemark collection I noticed they had colored description bubbles in Google Earth. So, I set out to figure out how they did it in the KML. It turns out you need the following KML tags added to a placemark KML file:

  • <Style> – name a style type using the “id” parameter
  • <BalloonStyle> – start a style for the Balloon
  • <color> – specify a color
  • <StyleURL> – specify the Style for a specific balloon.

You need the corresponding closing tag for each of the tags above. Read the documentation on KML here.
You can see an example placemark I placed in the big blue ocean, and here’s the source (the important parts are highlighted in the color red):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<Style id="bigblue">
<name>The Ocean</name>
<description>This is the big blue Atlantic Ocean.</description>
<LookAt id="khLookAt714">
<Point id="khPoint715">

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