Area 51 Friendly Visitors

[EDIT 02-Apr-2006: Since it's no longer April 1, Google's little "visitors" have left. The link below will now show the same picture as an image overlay in Google Earth so you can still see it. Also, I've added the screenshot.]

Taking note of the date, Google released new high resolution imagery today of Area 51. It appears all the rumors are true about this “secret” military base. Not only are aliens visiting this place, they even stop for a BBQ! Check out this placemark . Or, you can just go to your Temporary Places folder and you will find a link to “friendly visitors”. Via (top digg story of the day).

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  1. Odd…my version of GE (Mac, most recent version) isn’t showing this new imagery. I zoomed in as far as I could on the placemark, and all I saw were some jets parked on the concrete. Can someone take a screenshot?

  2. Er, nevermind–I see the screenshot at Yes, I was looking at the exact same place! Hmm…

  3. I had the same problem Chris…. GE most recent mac version…

  4. check out interactive radar map something strange happened at area 51 around 5pm aygust 31 on the radar

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