French Watercolors in Google Earth

For those who regularly read the Google Earth Community (GEC) forums, we often take note when someone writes a good first post. Normally someone will post something silly like a placemark to their house, but sometimes there is an exception. A couple of days ago someone called ‘zab_paris’ (She signs her post Elisabeth) posted one of the best starting collections of placemarks I’ve seen. Her Google Earth file shows the locations and pictures of some of the 150 water color paintings she has painted since 1991. Most of the paintings were done in France. Not only is the concept inspiring, but her paintings are excellent. Many of the regulars at the GEC have taken note and lauded her for her work. Make sure you have a look. Great work Elisabeth (and I mean both the art and the placemarks)!

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  1. Ryan Conn says:

    Wow, those are very beautiful paintings!
    I’ve got to go right now, but when I get home I’ll check out this amazing collection!

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