Avian Flu Outbreak Map in Google Earth

Avian Flu map in Google EarthSomeone called “purplelinny” at the Google Earth Community has been collecting information on the spread of Avian Flu around the world. She cites her references in the thread and has been in contact with a journalist at Nature who has been researching this as well.
You can download the Google Earth file and you will see the placemarks with unique icons indicating ‘confirmed’, ‘unconfirmed’, or human verses animal or bird cases. If you look in the Places window and open her folder (called H5N1 after the name of the flu strain), you will see it is organized according to the different types and other useful infromation about the flu.
Check out the Avian Flu thread where purplelinny posts updates to the GE file and information about the flu outbreak. If you like this work, you might want to drop a note saying so. Great work purplelinny!

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  1. Wonderfull work!
    let’s all hope it doesn’t spread.
    Barts http://gabrielse.blogspot.com/

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