Google Earth Research Notes

Here’s your chance to re-live my last couple of hours of GE research. I thought I would share some of the things that interested me as I explored Google Earth information this morning. Here are the last 5 interesting GE-related things I examined or created. None of these seemed interesting enough to write a story on, but I thought they were worth sharing.

  1. Subject: 3D Model – Tehachapi Wind Farm
    Download: Wind Farm
    From: this GE Forum post
  2. Subject: 3D residence, garage, decks etc. in color
    Download: 3D House
    From: this GE Forum post
  3. Subject: Cape Hatteras Light House
    Download: Light House
    From: this GE Forum post
  4. Subject: “Google Earth threatens democracy”
    From: The Register – UK online publication
    Web page: Article
  5. Subject: Montserrat Volcano Observatory
    Download: Volcano Observatory
    From: this GE Forum post

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