First of Many Games in Beta

This is just the beginning, but the guys at GoogleEarthHacks have created a game using Google Earth. This is a war game which they claim is largely text-based. The object is to grow armies which you place at various cities and try to hold the cities. There is a GE KML file which lets anyone view the “action” (more like a status) of the game.


This is the first of many games I’m sure will be created using GE as a visualization tool. I expect to see more direct, or interactive, use of GE to play a game soon.

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  1. It wouldn’t be too hard to draw the polygons for Risk… :^) Hmm, something for my weekend.

  2. beautiful. im hoping for a simple air combat game. the g-force navigation (ctrl-g) is way too much fun.

  3. Don’t forget about too

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