Syncing Google Earth’s ‘My Places’


We have in the past shown you how to move Google Earth's 'My Places' from one computer to another. However, if you regularly use Google Earth on more than one computer, it can be useful to sync your … [Read more...]

Google Earth Pro now Free?


Last week we got an email from GEB reader Alan letting us know that Google Earth Pro, which formerly cost US$400 per year, appears to now be free. There has been no official announcement from Google … [Read more...]

The 2004 tsunami: then and now

Banda Aceh

We have in the past looked at 'before and after' pictures of devastating natural disasters such as earth quakes, tornados and tsunamis. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 occurred before GEB started, … [Read more...]

Google Maps Engine deprecated


Last week Google sent an email to users of Google Maps Engine notifying them that support for the Google Maps Engine product will end on January 29th, 2016 at which point the product will be … [Read more...]

3D Imagery timeline


Earlier this week we had a look at how long it takes Google to process and release 3D imagery. For a few locations, we looked at the dates the imagery was captured as well as the dates that it was … [Read more...]

The Costa Concordia, now visible in Genoa, Italy

Costa Concordia

Although Google have not updated their 'Latest Google Earth Imagery Updates' map since the December 17th update, a number of readers have let us know that there have been quite a few areas updated … [Read more...]

Processing 3D imagery

Westminster Abbey

Since September last year we have been keeping track of 3D imagery released by Google, with the help of our readers who spot the imagery and then let us know in the comments of this post. A big thank … [Read more...]

Mountain Visions Google Earth tours

CuMo mine

Prompted by our series showcasing uses of the Google Earth plugin, Gary Grimm of Mountain Visions has shared with us some Google Earth tours that they have created. You can find a complete gallery of … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: Monster Milktruck


This is the seventh in our series showcasing the Google Earth plugin. Today we are looking at probably the best known app built with the Google Earth plugin: The Monster Milktruck. It was developed … [Read more...]

Google Earth plugin showcase: National University of Singapore Library

Chinese library

This is the sixth in our series celebrating the Google Earth plugin and all its uses. Today we are looking at the National University of Singapore Library that we first looked at back in 2008. The … [Read more...]