Adding pictures to Street View

This is part of a series of posts expanding on our Google Earth Blog FAQ. We get quite a lot of email along the lines of: "Our business / rental property / property for sale is shown in Street View … [Read more...]

Rotating and Translating Placemarks, Polygons and Paths

The Google Earth placemarks and drawing tools assume that whatever you are marking or drawing is in a fixed geographical location. Although you can move individual placemarks or individual points on a … [Read more...]

Super Bowl 50 in Google Earth

The Super Bowl is one of the largest annual sporting events in the USA. Super Bowl 50 takes place this Sunday at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Google has recently done an imagery update … [Read more...]

Google Earth Traffic layer dropped

Earlier this week Google Maps Engine was shut down. As a result, Google dropped three layers from Google Earth Pro, as they were dependent on Google Maps Engine. The dropped layers were “US … [Read more...]

NASA damage maps

We recently came across this interesting story about damage maps that NASA created after the Nepal earthquakes last year. We dug a little deeper and found this story on the NASA website, which … [Read more...]

Google Maps Engine and My Tracks coming to an end

We mentioned last week that Google Maps Engine is being shut down and as a result three Google Earth Pro only layers that depended on Google Maps Engine have been dropped. They were still visible over … [Read more...]

Google Street View Camera goes Mountaineering and Surfing

Last week we had a look at miniature Street View, where the street view cameras got tiny and toured the world's largest model railway. For pictures of the camera they used on that project see this … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for January 2015

We kicked off the year by mapping the coverage of satellite imagery dated 2015. We also had a look at a number of sights from 2015 imagery, including the Bento Rodrigues dam disaster and a number of … [Read more...]

Miniature Street View

Miniature Wunderland is claimed to be the largest miniature model railway in the world. So, how do you go about capturing Street View of a miniature railway? With miniature cameras on miniature Street … [Read more...]

A Google Map Image Overlay in Google Earth

Last year, when experimenting with Google Earth popups we created a popup with a Google Map in it. It was intended only as a demonstration of the functionality of Google Earth popups, and not as a … [Read more...]