Google Earth Easter Egg

The latest version of Google Earth that was released last week contains a nice Easter Egg hidden in the 'about' window.To see this easter egg, open the 'about' window and right click the Google … [Read more...]

New Google Earth Version

Thank you to GEB reader AndrĂ© for letting us know that Google has just updated Google Earth to version It is a minor bugfix update but does indicate Google's continued dedication to Google … [Read more...]

Google Earth placemarks to Excel

It is often useful to be able to get Google Earth placemarks into Excel (or other spreadsheet application or even a database). One way to do this is to save your placemarks as a .KML file (do not use … [Read more...]

Draco 3D compression library

Google recently open sourced a new 3D compression library called Draco. The new library promises high compression rates for 3D graphics and promises much faster page loads for web pages with 3D … [Read more...]

Using artificial intelligence on satellite imagery

We recently came across this interesting article which talks about how DigitalGlobe is applying AI to satellite imagery recognition.Humans brains are still extremely useful, so DigitalGlobe also has … [Read more...]

Wish list for Google Earth for 2017

Here is our wish list for 2017:Google has been making bug-fix updates to Google Earth, which have been very welcome (the crash that used to happen when moving placemarks was very frustrating), but … [Read more...]

Observations about the 2016 ‘historical imagery’ updates

Earlier this week we released maps showing the imagery updates of 2016 according to the 'historical imagery' layer. The maps were created using the Google Earth Plugin/API, which Google has since shut … [Read more...]

Is Google selling Terra Bella to Planet?

A recent story in the news is a rumour that Google may be planning to sell its satellite imaging business Terra Bella (formerly Skybox Imaging) to satellite imaging company Planet (formerly Planet … [Read more...]

SpaceX in Google Earth

This weekend, on January 14th, SpaceX hopes to return to flight with their first launch since the explosion last September on the launchpad of their rocket carrying the Amos-6 mission. As fans of … [Read more...]

Two stages of construction in Google Earth 3D imagery

Thank you to GEB reader Jacob for bringing to our attention an interesting effect in Google Earth's 3D imagery. In Kingston, Ontario, Canada, there is a building in the 3D imagery that seems to be a … [Read more...]