Flood damage in Google Earth

Fischer Store Road Bridge

We have looked at flooding a number of times in the past, including satellite and aerial imagery of flooding and its aftermath, crisis response maps, simulated sea level rise and most recently a data … [Read more...]

Historical imagery and zoom


Last week we looked at animating historical imagery by using Google Earth Tours. While looking around in historical imagery we discovered an interesting effect: the historical imagery is not correctly … [Read more...]

The best of Google Earth for July 2015


Google has continued to roll out 3D imagery, with over 50 new or updated areas so far in July. In addition, we saw indications that Google is interested in getting 3D imagery for Indian … [Read more...]

Animating historical imagery using Google Earth Tours


Last year we showed you how to animate Google Earth historical imagery using the Google Earth plugin. However, the Google Earth plugin has been deprecated and is set to stop working on December 12th, … [Read more...]

Latest Pluto map in Google Earth


Earlier this month, we had a look at a map of Pluto that NASA produced and made available in KML format for viewing Google Earth. That was before the New Horizons spacecraft had reached Pluto and the … [Read more...]

Google Earth Blog FAQ

Ikh Shuteen Tsogtsolbor

Quite a lot of the emails we get at GEB blog repeat the same questions or requests, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a short FAQ for GEB covering the most common questions and requests. … [Read more...]

Mongolia gets Street View


Google has recently added Mongolia to the list of countries with Street View. Read more about it on Google's LatLong blog. There have also been some major additions in Malaysia on the Island of … [Read more...]

Getting Landsat 8 imagery into Google Earth


When Landsat 8 imagery was made available on Amazon AWS our first question was: 'how easy will it be to view it in Google Earth?'. This is our experience trying to answer that question. The Landsat 8 … [Read more...]

Google Earth’s ‘background’ imagery


As we have discussed before Google Earth shows different imagery depending on the zoom level and whether or not you are in 'historical imagery' mode. We have also talked about how the ocean bathymetry … [Read more...]

Google gets altitude wrong and drowns a city


Thank you to GEB reader 'jonahtornado' for letting us know that Google appears to have got the altitude wrong in the 3D for the Italian city of Crotone. If looked at in Google Earth with the 'Water … [Read more...]